Atlanta , GA





Monique has always been intrigued by the perspective of others“The eyes can say so much about someone, without any need for words. After all, they’re the window to our souls.”

Stealing a glimpse into another’ s life—capturing a moment, portraying an emotion, documenting a feeling—fascinates Monique.  She first parlayed that fascination as an actress, appearing in a variety of stage, film, and television projects, and continued exploring the human experience by directing her first short film, 9pm, in 2014.  She has since added photography to her repertoire—head shots being of particular interest.  Photographing subjects in a serene, up-close-and-personal manner is but one more avenue for Monique to showcase life’s many facets and share her love of beauty.

Monique is also an actress/model as well. Her acting experience and training has changed the way she shoots headshots significantly. She likes to have fun with her shoots and it is very laid back and relaxed.  A good headshot is one that: exudes personality, makes you look great, jumps off the page, and still (most importantly) looks like you. Shots like these help get you noticed. Monique takes pride in helping you get great pics!